Estate Planning

Estate Planning Estate planning is more than just a set of documents; it is a plan to give you peace of mind and control. You have worked hard to build your estate and with proper estate planning you can have peace of mind by putting together a plan that fits your life. Whether you are setting up your first estate plan or need to make changes to your plan we can help you tailor your plan to fit your family and your life.

Probate & Estate Administration

Probate & Estate Administration The death of a loved one is, to say the least, emotionally trying for family and friends. It is a virtual roller coaster ride. Unfortunately, before the grief subsides, there are a lot of matters to tackle. Generally, probate will be required when someone dies without a Will (“intestate”) and when they die with only a Will (“testate”). Probate is the ....

Trust Administration

Trust Administration Choosing a trustee to administer a trust is a key part of estate planning. The fiduciary role and responsibilities of a trustee have become more demanding under the provisions of the new Washington Trust Act, which went into effect on January 1, 2012. Sometimes there are no family members or friends who can adequately serve as trustee ...

Estate Tax Planning

Estate Tax Planning If you have an estate that may exceed $2,012,000 you may face Washington estate taxes upon your death. If your estate exceeds $5,340,000 your estate may face both a Washington estate tax and a Federal estate tax when you pass away. These taxes can sometimes exceed half the value of the estate if no tax planning is implemented.

Business Law

Business Law People with small businesses and rental homes often own them in their own name or with families. This can lead to added liability risk, management deadlock, unforeseen co-owners, and worse. We can help determine if a Limited Liability Company or corporation would be advisable.


Accounting As the saying goes “only two things in life are certain: death and taxes.” But, taxes are even more persistent than death. Death only comes for you once but not even death can stop the IRS. Trusts and Estates pay taxes just like the rest of us.