Probate & Estate Administration

The death of a loved one is an emotionally trying time for family and friends that can feel like an emotional roller coaster, up one minute and down the next. Unfortunately, before the grief subsides and while still riding this virtual roller coaster, there can be many legal, financial, and personal matters that need to be promptly settled.  Having access to knowledgeable advice and assistance to guide you through the legal matters can help level the roller coaster and let you focus on what really matters, your family.

The legal process involved after a loved one dies depends on what estate planning was in place. Generally, probate will be required when someone dies without a Will (“intestate”) or if someone dies with only a Will (“testate”).  Probate is the court governed legal process by which a person’s assets are collected, debts, taxes, and other administrative costs are handled, and assets distributed.  Like any court process, this can be complicated.  At Rehberg Law Group, we can assist you as the personal representative through the probate process as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Probate is not always required.  Some small estates or estates of those with a properly funded living trust can avoid probate.  Nevertheless, administration—collecting assets, paying debts, taxes, and costs, and distributing assets—will be required under the trust’s terms and state law. At Rehberg Law Group, we can help guide you as the successor trustee through the administration with a minimum of time, expense, and cost.