Alison Pacunski

Alison Pacunski


Position: Asset Team

Phone: Direct Line: 206-592-7494


Alison has been a valued member of the Asset department since 2014 when she joined the Rehberg Law Group. She is also currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and performs all of her duties remotely. Oh, the wonders of technology!

Alison helps clients through the process of funding their Living Trusts. As part of this process, Alison acts as the liaison between clients and institutions to ensure that assets are properly titled and also makes sure that beneficiary designations are correct.
Before joining the team at Rehberg Law Group, Alison worked as an estate planning paralegal beginning in 2005. From 2009 until she joined Rehberg Law Group, Alison worked as a collections paralegal at Hanis Irvine Prothero. Alison joined Rehberg Law Group because of her desire to return to working in the field of estate planning.
Alison and her husband, John, recently made the move to Las Vegas. It goes without saying that their two Westies, Mackenzie and Fiona, and Alison’s beloved Mini Cooper, also made the move. Alison and John have a daughter, Andrea, who currently lives in South Florida with her husband, Austin.
Alison enjoys traveling, all things Scottish, swimming laps, or walking her dogs. Alison is community-minded and will no doubt be a valued member of her new Las Vegas community.