Emma Welch

Emma Welch

Department: ,

Position: Asset Team, Probate, Trust and Estate Administration Team

Phone: (206) 246-8772 ext. 338

Email: ewelch@rehberglaw.com

Emma Welch joined Rehberg Law Group in 2017 as an office clerk.  Emma provides office assistance from filing, preparing estate planning documents for review and signature, and assisting where help is needed in the various departments at Rehberg Law Group.

Emma has a Bachelor’s of Science in Worship Arts, with double minors in Biblical Studies and Psychology.  She is the youngest of three children and enjoys spending time with her extended family. They like going camping, hiking, swimming, playing games, and hanging out together as much as possible. Emma is a self-proclaimed nerd, loving pretty much any science-fiction/fantasy/action movie or television show. She enjoys discussing philosophy and theology in movies, books, and comics and also has a passion for music and singing. Above all, the most important thing to her is her relationship with Christ.


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