Lois Bradbeer

Lois Bradbeer

Department: ,

Position: Asset Team, Probate, Trust and Estate Administration Team

Phone: (206) 246-8772 ext. 318

Email: lbradbeer@rehberglaw.com

Lois Bradbeer is the team lead in the Probate/Trust Administration and Estate Administration as well as the Asset Team at Rehberg Law Group, PLLC.

Lois has been with Rehberg Law Group since 2009. She assists clients through the difficult process when a loved one has passed away. She works closely with the attorneys to draft the appropriate documents that are required by state law to facilitate the probate process. She is also a part of the Asset Team and assists clients though the trust funding process. Lois works well under pressure, and if you ever have any questions about the probate process or the funding process, she is happy to help find an answer.

Lois has been a Paralegal since 1987 when she graduated from Highline Community College.

Lois has been a volunteer with Lifelong Aids Alliance & Chicken Soup Brigade for many years. She spends one evening a week delivering meals and groceries to people in need. Her hobbies include reading, gardening, and hiking in the beautiful state parks when the weather is permitting.

Lois has two grown children. Tyler graduated from the UW with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and is working as an Engineer at Genie Industries. Kyle plays a variety of stringed instruments and is residing in North Carolina and playing his music.