Sandi Rehberg

Sandi Rehberg


Position: Drafting Team

Phone: (206) 246-8772 ext. 323


Sandi Rehberg is a member of the Drafting Department Team at Rehberg Law Group, PLLC.

Sandi has been married to her husband Ryan since January of 1986.  They have two boys (young men), Alex and Adam.  Alex studied Zoology at Cat Tales in Spokane where he now lives with his son, Kayden.  Adam has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Game Design from DigiPen Institute of Technology, and lives in the Seattle area.  All three boys keep “Mom” and “Nona” very busy.

Sandi is a Disney enthusiast and loves everything Disney.  So much so that she has convinced Ryan to participate in the Run Disney races, ranging from 5K’s, 10K’s, and One-Half Marathons (they hope to run the Full Marathon one day and only once).  On any given weekend you might see them training by running around in circles in their neighborhood.  Her other hobbies include participating in community and church theater, playing video games with the boys, and playing various card and board games with her family and friends.  Sandi is also an animal lover and has had pets all her life.

Sandi worked at Rehberg Law Group from 2000 to 2003 in the administrative department.  Sandi returned to RLG in 2009 where she now works in the drafting department.  Sandi’s specialty is drafting documents, meaning, she takes the attorney’s notes (generated from their meetings with you) and translates those notes into “legalese”.  During this process Sandi works with the attorneys and the drafting team to have the documents reviewed and moved toward completion.