Jiya 9.6 billion investment inside the project contract settled LCD Gu’an Gu’an Langfang City, Hebei Industrial Zone, becoming Huawei, BOE, Foxconn, ZTE as well as other items, the Langfang construction of “electronic information in Beijing, Tianjin corridor” the creation of electronic information marketplace is another major project that can boost new industries of strategic depth Langfang Development. It is reported that Jiya Gu’an LCD production line project to cover all high-end liquid crystal (LCD) products and LCD display module, LCD module (LCM) of production process, is put into production will likely be capable of 100 million standard boxes LCD, 3500 LCM production capacity, estimated annual sales earnings of 1.35 billion yuan, will become the second largest industrial base monochrome display.

Next, Jiya Electronics Industrial Zone may also Gu’an capacitive touchscreen technology and backlight source projects. According to Rao Guihua, vice mayor of Langfang City, the “Eleventh Five-Year” may be accelerated in Langfang City to create “electronic information in Beijing, Tianjin corridor”, the principle business income of the electronic information industry maintained rapid development of 56.9% annually, an added value included the proportion of above-scale industrial added value reached 15.8%, the fastest growing in the new pillar industries, forming a set panel display, electronic materials, like seven cell phone manufacturing industry chain.

Which formed Gu’an Industrial flat panel display, electronic materials, key industry clusters, as Langfang construction of “electronic information in Beijing, Tianjin corridor,” a crucial support. Jiya Gu’an LCD project settled in industrial areas, will greatly improve the Gu’an flat panel display industry chain, expand the dimensions of industrial clusters to boost the industry’s core competitiveness, anchortext (pop over here) accelerate the development of the electronic information industry high ground south of Beijing.

“Southern capital north” to speed up construction of latest industry model Since 2010, Hebei Province, to play a situation, traffic, hours and also other factors of production, and other areas to be able to develop the strategic development of recent industries just as one chance to vigorously construct a new industrial demonstration zone, to experience in economic development, industry leader in power .

In this regard, Gu Yingjie, chairman of Jiya Electronics Co., Ltd. declared at the moment, the Division is within a fantastic leap Jiya Gong development period, to conform on the development in the situation in Hebei Province, the corporation is integrated in Shanghai, Langfang plant resources in the South owned north. Region is found between Beijing and Tianjin, Langfang, because of the regional advantages and its particular “corridor of electronic information in Beijing, Tianjin, the Bohai Sea leisure and business center” development orientation, the organization is going to be in Shanghai, around the integration project in Langfang Langfang company to construct LCD / LCM production base, the organization of LCD / LCM of intensive operations.

Xuguo Yong Guan county party secretary, said recent years, using the BOE, Aer Xi, more than 40 associated Keepahead so high, supporting the full array of electronic information industry companies are already settled, Gu’an a total electronic industrial area information industry chain may be formed, Jiya This will inject new vitality to the industry chain, but also for the development of recent industries in Langfang City, play a significant role.

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