Setting up Your Free Appointment

Appointments to meet with an attorney are generally free of charge. In order to develop the best estate plan for you we need you to be able to communicate without fear of racking up hourly bills. That is why in person appointments or talking on the phone will generally be free of charge. At your appointment you will be given a flat fee quote for the work you would like done and, so long as there are no changes in the scope of work, you will never pay more than the initial quote. Rehberg Law Group does charge hourly for some types of work, however, you will always be notified that the work will be hourly and what the hourly rate will be prior to any time being billed.

To set up your free appointment with an attorney call the front desk at (206) 246-8772.Appointment

What Happens at an Appointment?

Initial Appointment: Initial appointments are where you get to discuss your estate planning goals with your attorney and determine what estate planning will work best for you.

Check-Up Appointment: At a check-up appointment you will review your estate plan with an attorney and discuss changes you want made. The attorney can help you decide whether its time to update your estate plan or whether your plan works for you. Typically you should review your estate plan whenever there is a: birth, death, marriage, or divorce. In addition, it is a good idea to check your estate plan every three to five years to make sure it is up to date.

Signing: At a signing appointment your attorney will discuss the estate plan you have created and then help you sign everything you need. After you finish signing your estate plan will be in place and your attorney will let you know if there are any further steps you may need to take on your own.


Appointments usually last between one to two hours so set aside at least two hours to discuss your plan with your attorney. You will receive a questionnaire prior to your appointment, if you return the completed questionnaire prior to your appointment it can save time during your appointment.