Elder Law is the combination of estate planning, benefit planning, special needs planning, long term care planning, and housing considerations all rolled up into a holistic strategy to help clients address their concerns for future health and long term care costs associated with the aging process.  While it is referred to as elder law, this planning is not limited only to the elderly.  Looking holistically at health and long term care costs associated with aging can be integrated into planning for many different demographic groups:

  • The adult child concerned about his or her parent’s future;
  • The veteran seeking assistance to modify a home following an injury in combat;
  • A single person concerned about returning to their home following a fall;
  • The working couple preparing to retire who want to protect their nest-egg; or
  • The spouse who is committed to the best life possible for an ailing loved one.  

If you would like to learn more about elder law in general, or specifically discuss planning options to address your concerns on the aging process for yourself, a family member, or a friend, please contact Rehberg Law Group at 206-246-8772 or at contact@rehberglaw.com